Credit Card Cashback PLUS
  • Up to 50 days without interest
  • Credit Limit up to 3,000,000 ₸
  • 2% of guaranteed cashback
Credit Card Cashback PLUS
3 mil. ₸
Amount of the Credit Line
48 mon.
Maximum period of the loan
0 ₸
issue and the first year of servicing
Details of the product
Loan amount (loan limit)The maximum loan amountis 3 000 000
Grace periodUp to 50 days (for all types of debit transactions at the expense of the credit limit)
Minimum payment5% of the total amount of the principal debt (used amount of the credit limit) + accrued interest, but not less than 2,000 tenge

Interest rate

* The limit of the annual effective interest rate shall not exceed the amount established by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

during the grace period - 0% per annum;

out of grace period: from - 22% per annum (annual effective rate of return* - from 24.4%)


The maximum amount of cashback payment is 20 000 tenge per month.

* with MCC exceptions, Cashback is charged on all transactions made on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as on Internet operations outside the Republic of Kazakhstan.

up to 2%*
Availability period of the credit limit36 months
Loan term48 months
24/7 Global Customer Serviceavailable
Contactless paymentAvailable
Approved by the Board of Directors
Protocol No. 06/12/19-01 of06.12.19
Safety and security
We view the information integrity and the clients' funds as our top priority. We have been paying closest attention to the IT protection of our systems, processes, and software.
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