• Up to 40,000,000 ₸
  • Up to 20 years
  • Starting at 12% per annum
65 mil. ₸
Maximum amount of the loan
Commission fee from the loan amount
from 14%
Annual effective interest rate
Loan conditions
Enter your data and learn your monthly installment amount
Loan amount
Loan term
monthly payment
The monthly installment is an indicative estimate and may differ from one calculated as of the date of a consultation /actual loan disbursement.
Details of the product
Requirements for borrowers 
  1. Upon reaching the 21st year and if at the time of repayment of the loan, the age of the Borrower or the Co-Borrower not exceeds the retirement age, otherwise such Borrower is entitled to attract the co-Borrower;
  2. RK citizen;
  3. No age limit for a Pledger.
  4. No valid arrears at the time of application consideration.
  5. No overdue loan debt (for the last three years) for more than 60 calendar days.
Purpose Apartment acquisition in: Astana, Almaty, Shymkent, Aktobe, Aktau, Atyrau, Karaganda, Kokshetau, Kostanay, Kyzylorda, Pavlodar, Petropavlovsk, Semey, Taraz, Uralsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk.
Ownership registration to the apartment being purchased, is allowed both to the borrower and to a third party 
Loan currency tenge 
Loan amount from 1 mil tenge to 65 mil tenge 
Maturity date 15th of each month 
Down payment 
  1. from 30% of the cost of the apartment being purchased *, with full income confirmation;
Interest rate 13% per annum (annual effective rate of return from 14% per annum).
  • for review – 5 000 tenge;
  • for loan organization – 1% of the loan amount;
  • for loan terms changing (upon client’s request)– in accordance with the approved Bank rates.
Collateral (pledged item) 
  • Main collateral – apartment to be purchased.
  • Additional collateral:
    • Residential and / or commercial real estate.
    • The land plot, as well as industrial and warehouse real estate objects are not accepted as additional and main collateral.
    • The life of the property should not exceed 50 years on the date of loan application, except of real estate in Almaty, the life of which should not exceed 60 years.
Insurance Compulsory insurance of an apartment to be purchased, as well as real estate provided as additional collateral. 
Advanced repayment 

Full repayment is allowed at any time. Full advanced repayment during the first year of the mortgage loan is subject to payment of a fine in the amount of the accrued interest for 12 months.

Partial advanced repayment is allowed at any time.

The amount of partial advanced repayment shall be not less than the amount equivalent to 3 (three) monthly payments under a bank loan agreement.

* the cost of the apartment to be purchased is determined after the audit of an independent appraiser’s report of by the Company's mortgage service.


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