Bank deposits
Maximum interest
Tacit prolongation
All deposits are insured by the state
Maximum benefit
  • Maximum rate
  • Guarantee up to 15,000,000 ₸
  • Currencies: KZT, USD or RUB
Manage your deposit easily
  • Partial withdrawal
  • Replenishment at any time
  • Guarantee of up to 10,000,000 ₸
  • Currencies: KZT, USD, EUR or RUB
Save up for children’s education
  • Additional bonuses from the State of up to 5%
  • Possibility of replenishment
  • Partial withdrawal for payment of education expenses
  • Transfer ownership for children or third parties
Conventional bank deposit
is the pledge of fulfillment of the obligations under the loan lending programs (loans) and guarantees
Artificial Intelligent Digital Assistant
Your personal
assistant A.I.D.A.
Answers all questions and can choose the product that suits you
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