Address of Shigeo Katsu, Chairman of Tsesnabank's Board of Directors

Dear Client,

On behalf of the endowment funds of the Nazarbayev University and Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, I am honored and privileged to address you today representing the new shareholders of Tsesnabank. Please let me express my gratitude for your longstanding loyalty to Tsesnabank that helped make it into one of the leading financial institutions in Kazakhstan. The bank built its foundations on its unique traditions and significant projects that have contributed to Kazakhstan’s development. Time sets new tasks and challenges for us, and today Tsesnabank is entering a new stage of development. Combining established traditions with a new development strategy, we intend to become the best bank possible, a bank that will be trusted by our customers. We will continue to fully fulfill all obligations to our customers and guarantee the reliability and safety of your funds. Trust, security and transparency – these are our core values, values that will guide all our work. You, our clients are and will always be the Bank’s main priority. We believe that together we will be able to build an even more advanced financial institution. In this context, I would also like to introduce the new Chief Executive Officer of Tsesnabank, Mr. Bekzhan Pirmatov. Mr. Pirmatov is a highly seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in corporate as well as retail banking with particular expertise in project and corporate finance, trade finance and project evaluation. This letter today is meant to introduce myself and CEO Bekzhan Pirmatov and to salute you. We will keep you informed of any changes and significant developments ahead. But in the meantime we have established an e-mail account you can address with any questions you may have related to the changes at Tsesnabank: Thank you for staying with us!


Shigeo Katsu

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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