Nikolay Mechsheryakov appointed Chairman of Tsesnabank’s Board of Directors

Nikolay Mechsheryakov is one of the founders of Tsesna Corporation, he was the first Chairman of Tsesnabank’s Management Board and also has been a member of Tsesnabank’s Board of Directors since 2008.

Mr Mechsheryakov commented his election:

“It is a great responsibility, especially given the scale of tasks the bank is facing.

Tsesnabank is one of the largest financial institutions in the country, which plays an important role in the economy. We have a large loan portfolio, the bank works with enterprises from various industries. We understand that not only the business success of our business clients depends on the efficient operation of the bank, but also the well-being of the employees of such enterprises and their families. Therefore, the main thing for us is to create a comfortable environment for the clients and help them achieve their goals.

At the same time, we constructively cooperate with the government, the National Bank of Kazakhstan, and consider various solutions that will support efficient enterprises and contribute to the economic growth.

The Bank’s Management Board, headed by Ulf Wokurka, will purposefully continue this work.”

Kairat Satylganov and Yerzhan Tajiyakov left the Board of Directors, and Mr Mechsheryakov commented this:

“We worked together with Kairat Satylganov for a long time. He joined Tsesnabank’s Board of Directors as Independent Director back in 2013, and was appointed Chairman of the Board Directors in September last year. Kairat Satylganov left the Board of Directors in order to concentrate on his own business projects.

Yerzhan Tajiyakov left the Board of Directors for health reasons. We sincerely wish him to come back soon. He continues working in the companies of Tsesna group.”

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