APM sections


In the "Notifications" section using the button you can create a new notification to the Bank:


In this section you can see all the payments made. Payments in different statuses can be filtered either by selecting a subsection or by using the filter button.

Billing for payment

This section is intended for issuing an invoice to the client for payment of goods / services. A message is sent to the client via EMail / SMS with a link to the bank's payment page.

Billing for payment:

The field "Expiration date" indicates the date and time after which the invoice for payment is automatically canceled.

Until the invoice is paid and out of date, the merchant can manually cancel the invoice for payment using the edit button. You can also send the client an additional message to the email and phone specified when creating the account:

Cancellation of payment

If the payment is in the "Successful payment" status, then you can start a cancellation request using it. To do this, you need to select a payment and click the edit button. In the displayed dialog, you need to enter the amount and the reason for the return. The amount can be equal to or less than the payment amount (partial refund).

After clicking on the "Apply" button, the application for the cancellation of the payment will be sent to the bank manager for approval. If the manager approves the application, the payment will be canceled.